Inductive Technologies and machines

Induction heating technologies make a fundamental part of our product and service range. They are intended for various applications of treatment such as induction brazing, induction melting, induction stamping, induction forging, induction hardening, induction annealing, induction tempering, induction straightening, and induction bonding.

Induction heating of our CONTI type series is intended for the heating of conductive metal materials. Our technology is based on intermittent magnetic field, where eddy currents are induced, whereby the heat increases due to the effect of electrical resistance and magnetic properties of the heated material.

This rare technology is based on the creation of heat directly inside the worked-on product. The result also depends on the selection of the correct type of induction generator and design of the most effective inductor. This technology enables the use of the highest level of automation. We offer our customers an above standard service always including a proposal for a specific technological process and a demonstration of the recommended application with a specific result.

The reliability of our products is clearly demonstrated by long-term co-operation with a range of producers from many industrial sectors.